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Disabled Veterans Consultants Is Here To Serve Those Who Have Served

You May Be Entitled To Higher Compensation

Don’t Have Your Disabilities Overlooked For An Increase

Leading Veterans To The Benefits They Deserve

Disabled Veterans Consultants is a medical transcription service that bridges the gap between licensed Private Medical Providers (“PMP”) and Veterans seeking VA Disability Benefit evaluations.

We work with Medical Providers to ensure the severity of a Veteran’s symptoms are correctly transcribed on Disability Benefits Questionnaires (“DBQs”).

If you are frustrated with your current disability rating and do not feel that you received a proper evaluation, you might benefit from our medical transcription service.

Meet Our Team


John is a Chief in the Coast Guard Reserve and the founder of Disabled Veterans Consultants. He is also a proud husband and father of three. During his time in the service, John says the ocean tried to kill him on five different occasions (which he takes very personally). When we asked John for a fun fact about himself, he responded with, “I was born a Chief; it just took the Coast Guard 15 years to realize it.” Being a leader is in his blood, and he’s extremely passionate about the work he does with Disabled Veterans Consultants — Serving disabled veterans all over the nation.


Enrique is originally from Milwaukee and was the first of his siblings to graduate college. He is the father of two beautiful children, Yaritza and Ezeqiel. He says he moved to New Mexico to create a better life for his family. Not only is Enrique a lefty and a cheesehead (we still don’t know why he continues to cheer on the Packers), but he’s also Wolverine’s biggest fan! Enrique’s one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet — The many veterans he has helped at Disabled Veterans Consultants can attest to it.

  • Thank you DVC! Their fantastic team helped me go from a 30% to 80% rating. They are very kind and professional. Not only did they help me, but they helped my father get from 40% to 100%. I highly recommend DVC to all veterans!
    Scooter M.
  • These ladies and gentlemen are true professionals that will be there and help you through it all. They know EVERYTHING about the process and how to get it all completed. They can take a little time to get back to you on certain items. I have recommended their service to multiple other people.
    Vince U.
  • Disabled Veterans Consultants did in less than 3 months what I have not been able to do in all of the years of dealing with the VA. You all know how difficult VA claims can be. Just trust these guys. Best decision I ever made!
    Samantha B.
  • They are quick and concise! They took a look at all my service connected injuries and previous claims and immediately said I was an eligible candidate for a rate increase. Less than 6 months later I had my increase!
    Travis C.
  • Because of their efforts, my disability rating, rather than being reduced to 10%, was increased from 60% to 80% IN LESS THAN 45 DAYS!
    Carl T.

When attempting to increase your disability, you put the fate of your evaluation in the hands of contracted VA Doctors. As you may have experienced with past examinations, many C&P lack compassion and/or are unwilling to take YOUR WORD as medical evidence, which generally produces an inconsistency between how you reported your symptoms and the rating you received. Using private medical providers who understand the VA claims process and ensuring your symptoms are correctly documented could result in the proper rating that you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VA Disability Claim?

Veterans with service-connected conditions submit a VA Disability Claim in order to collect their disability benefits.

How Do I Submit My Claim?

The best way to submit your claim is directly through the VA’s eBenefit portal. You can also submit a paper copy of VA Form 21-526EZ to the address provided on the form. It is best to submit all of your supporting evidence along with your claim.

When Can I Submit a Claim?

Once you are a retired veteran, you can submit a claim for your VA disability benefits at any time. If you are still active duty, you can only submit a claim once you are within 90 days of your discharge date or as part of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System.

Do I Have to Submit a Claim for Each Condition?

No. If you want to simplify the process, you can submit each of your conditions on the same claim. However, if you forget to add one or another develops later, then you will have to submit a new claim for those specific conditions. Remember, the VA will only rate conditions that you can prove are service-connected.

How Long Does It Take the VA to Process My Claim?

A claim submitted with all of the necessary documentation will typically be processed within 3 months. If your claim is missing information, it could take significantly longer.

How Can I Check on the Status of My Claim?

You can find the current status of your claim in your eBenefits portal.

What is a VA Disability Rating?

A VA Disability Rating is a percentage assigned by the VA based on the severity of your service-connected conditions. The higher the percentage, the more compensation a Veteran will receive for their conditions.

Do My Conditions Qualify for a Rating?

In order for your conditions to qualify for a rating by the VA, they must be a result of your military service.

How Do I Apply to Receive My Ratings?

To apply, submit a VA Disability Claim along with evidence of service-connection and all medical records regarding your specific conditions on the claim.

If My Claim is Approved, What Benefits Will I Receive?

If the VA approves your claim, you will receive a monthly payment as well as full medical care from the VA for your service-connected disabilities.

How Does the VA Determine Rating Percentages?

The VA follows the rules of the VA’s Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) to determine rating percentages. This is based on your symptoms, treatment options, and how it directly results from your disability.

How Can I Increase My VA Rating?

If the VA assigned an incorrect rating, you can appeal their decision by proving that you qualify for a higher rating. Remember, if your conditions have worsened since you last applied, then you can submit a new claim asking for an increased evaluation.

What are Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ)?

DBQs are downloadable forms created for Veterans to use during the evaluation process for disability benefits. DBQs help speed the processing of Veterans’ disability compensation and pension claims.

The good thing about DBQs is that it allows Veterans to have more control over their disability claim process by giving them an option of visiting a primary care provider in their community instead of completing an evaluation at a VA facility.

Who is authorized to complete a DBQ?

Providers with an active medical license must sign and attest to medical conditions on completed DBQs — Veterans private treatment providers or Veterans Health Administration (VHA) clinicians.

How do you submit completed DBQs to the VA?

Veterans and/or their physicians may directly deliver, mail, or securely fax completed DBQs to the VA Regional Office handling their claim.

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